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Thread: no choke why?

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    no choke why?

    BMW did not install an aircleaner with a choke on the "S" bikes. Why is this more air?

    R50S and R69S no choke other /2s do.

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    I thought I had read this somewhere...I borrowed this from one of the more learned posters on the Yahoo /2 forum. Makes sense to me...

    "The choke is for cold running, not for starting. For starting on any
    /2, use the tickler to richen the mixture for kick starting. The choke
    does not restrict the air flow enough to richen the mixture during
    kick starting.

    Once the cold engine is running, the choke richen the mix, let it
    take throttle and drive off very soon.

    The non-S models were equipped with choke air cleaners because many of
    them were used for police and courier services, where the bikes needed
    to be ridden away in cold weather without warming up. The choke
    provided almost instant driveability.

    The S models were not equipped with choke air cleaners for reduced
    restriction, and because S owners were usually private individuals who
    had the time to warm up their bikes before riding them.

    In 1968 all the US-export bikes were given the non-choke S-type air
    cleaner, because almost all US riders were private individuals, and
    the S-type was also cheaper."
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