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Thread: Road construction info for Rally routes

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    Road construction info for Rally routes

    I thought it might be useful to start collecting these in one place.

    First off, MT uses 511. Call this phone number each morning and get the most recent info. This will let you check neighboring participating states, too.

    Second, those who are planning routes taking you near/through Kalispell MT please note that construction has begun on Hwy 93 approaching downtown from the south, between the intersections of Hwys 93/82 and 93/2. I've been there three times in the last month and the contractor has an exposed gravel and clay base that they are liberally watering to keep down dust. How nice of them. This is expected to go all summer.

    This only impacts you if you need to go from downtown to the Somers cutoff and plan on using Hwy 93. It is easily avoided by motorcyclists by utilizing Hwys 2 or 206, and 82. One local route that will not work is "Lower Valley Rd" as it comes to Hwy 93 smack in the middle of the construction zone, so don't let locals refer you to this route. Remember, truck and SUV drivers are not good reference sources for MT road conditions.

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    Note the road construction on the east side of Yellowstone Park. The East entrance to Sylvan Pass and the hiway north of Fishing Bridge to Canyon village will have delays. The portions of road north out of Canyon Village to Tower will be closed for at least part of the summer.

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    I-90 repairs

    Just back from a short ride, and noted that Interstate 90 East of Coeur d'Alene, ID is being resurfaced. They've got about 25 miles of the highway surface chewed up right now. Don't know if it'll be repaired before the rally or not, but you can still ride it if you're careful.

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    Here is the Washington State webpage showing current road construction projects:

    Dig around in there!


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