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    Air filter


    Just wanted to ask if it is possible to change the air filter without removing the fuel tank.



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    Sorry, should have indicated 2001 R1150R.

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    It is on my 96 R11GS and I have to believe they are similiar. I had to remove the battery cables however because they interfered with reseating the AF housing lid. Which required removing the single tank mount bolt and proping the tank up with a screwdriiver. But I suspect that was just a quirk of my machine.

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    Yes, just remove the seat, remove the two filter cover screws, lift the cover, swap filters. The hard part is getting the tabs on the forward part of the cover in place. Take your time, and you will. Tighten the screws back in place, and put the seat on.

    No need to remove the tank, battery cables, or anything else.

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    Yes the hardest part is getting the two tabs of the cover back into their slots. On my bike (with standard BMW battery and cables) I removed the battery cables and the cover went on in a second. Before that I spent several hours without success trying to get those tabs in the slots. On my bike at least, the cables interfered with the cover in a way that was not obvious at first glance. If you cant get the cover back on, trying removing the cables.

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    Two tabs

    I found that putting the two tabs in the slots was the easy part, I couldn't get the back side to slide in.

    I used a screwdriver to lever the air cleaner lid forward just a tad and it popped into place.

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    Thanks for the info folks. Now here is how niave, blind or just plain stupid one can be. So I sat in my garage trying to figure out how I was going to put the top back on the air filter. During my quiet consideration I started flipping through the owners manual.

    Interesting book that owners manual, it tells you how to change the filter. Very neat and tiddy, very simple, very straight forward. Yup, did a Homer Simpson and had the situation resolved in 15 minutes, amazing.



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    Air filter replacemant

    If you remove the tank bolt where it goes through the frame You can lift the tank up 6inches or so. I leave mine propped up with a short piece of 2x4 while I work on the filter and it's housing. Trust me, it makes working in there much faster and easier................tkm

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