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Thread: Hwy 50 Nevada

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    Don't forget the shoes

    This is one of the best roads in Nevada, if you like........nothing. I give it It's part of the old pony express route, every town, I mean "both" towns along this route are worth stopping at...................

    In addition to shoes, I saw a deer leg, bra, purse, etc.

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    Really useful thread. US50 is a route I was considering also. Are you riding with a group, Stephen? Or would you like company for all- or part-of the trip? My departure date is flexible and I can either camp or motel it.
    I met you and your wife at the bike show last Fall when you were staffing the MOA booth (I certainly don't expect you to place me on that info). Will probably be at the '49er Rally. PM me if you want to talk.
    Bill Mayer
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    Just a little east of Paradise (California)

    Nevada US 50

    Burnszilla, been across 50 a couple of times in a "cage".
    We pulled into Ely late and every motel/hotel in the town was full so we fueled up and pressed on. The all nighter ended in western Utah at about 0430 after hitting about 6 rabbits and narrowly missing three different groups of deer.
    I was doing about 70 -80 and caught sight of a group of deer just off to the left about to cross the road. We passed before they could cross. 5 miles later spotted a group (of deer) on the right that had just crossed in front of us. The third group was further off to the right side after crossing the road. After seeing the third group it was painfully clear to me that it was pure CHANCE / LUCK that we passed without hitting any of them. The rabbits crossing the road were another story. Just couldn't see them or avoid them so went "thump thump" a number of times. In a truck that weighs in at #7600 they were not an issue. Motorcycle ??? Anyway, I got used to the thump thump, but didn't like it one bit. Spent about $5 the next morning at a local car wash to clean off the dead rabbit remains from the underside of the vehicle as it was already beginning to smell bad.
    My advise would be to do it in daylight or have your very best road lights on full bright. Clearly I was overdriving my cage headlights and was just lucky to get through the night unscathed.
    Second time we made hotel reservations in advance and slept all night. Much less stressful and highly recommended.
    Dave, Dot & Freckles Doggie

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    A wonderful road.....

    I've ridden it many times and although there are some long very straight sections, the views are so outstanding, it doesn't matter.

    One traverses several mountain ranges, all with great names...Desatoya, Toyabe, Toquima, White Pine, Clan Alpine....while travelling across Nevada

    Can't offer much more than the previous posters except this....there is a loop I often take, Hwy 722. It sorta does an end around the Desatoya's and is very quiet and scenic. It loops the mountains and meets Hwy 50 again just before Austin. (assuming, of course, you're travelling east)

    Have fun

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