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Thread: Route Suggestions Fairbanks, AK to Northern Maine

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    Route Suggestions Fairbanks, AK to Northern Maine

    In mid June, I will be traveling solo from Fairbanks, AK to Northern Maine.

    Any route suggestions?

    I am riding a R1200GS Adventure, looking for interesting roads and areas of Canada.

    I am new to riding in Canada.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Never been up there but have heard that the Alaskan High Way is a nice ride and would get you part way across Canada.

    Other wise Route 2 across northern Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

    Don't know anything about roads going east from there though.

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    For starters I use Google Maps and then check the box "avoid highways" for the flower sniffing routes.

    From there I look closer and plan routing accordingly. IE: Towns that still exist etc.

    Try this example.


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    Where in Maine do you plan to end up?
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    I've run semis on the Alcan but not yet on my bikes, we plan to do that in August. The highway by and large is in good shape considering the harsh winters up here and do keep a close eye out for lots (repeat lots) of wildlife. You don't mention how much of Canada you wish to ride through so my recommendation will only be for my neck of the woods. Coming south you will come to Ft. St. John B.C., take Hwy 29 s.w. to Chetwynd & then Hwy 97 back to Dawson Creek; lots of curves along the rivers. At Grande Prairie AB, take Hwy 40 south through Grande Cache & down to Hinton. This Hwy is a bitch with the semi due to all the hills & tight corners but it is great on a bike. At Hinton, take the Yellowhead Hwy 16 west to Jasper & then Hwy 93 (the Icefields Parkway) south to Banff. I've met Europeans who travelled this road & wonder why we go to see the Alps. From Banff you can decide whether to head south to Glacier Park in Montana or head east across our endless prairies. Good luck & have fun.
    P.S. in the Yukon & Northern B.C. you will suffer serious gas price pains
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