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    trials and trails

    it was in interesting weekend here in the southeast.

    the USGP/Wagner Cup World Trials Championship was paying a visit to the trials training center in Sequatchie, TN (near chattanooga).

    we buzzed up on friday afternoon, and found a campsite nearby. it was ok, but a little too close to the highway. after a little nosing around on saturday morning, though, we found a much better spot for the next time this event comes through.

    i rode the hp2 up there along with a good friend... as we planned to do a little exploring on sunday instead of attending the second day of the trials competition.

    it never ceases to amaze me what these people can do on a bike. this fellow had just scaled an 8-9' high wet, slippery vertical rock wall, and was heading down the other side... also near vertical.

    his "minder" is the guy standing there next to him, whose job it is to catch the bike when things go bad and to tell him what's going on at the tire level. they had cool little bluetooth communicators to talk back and forth with.

    this young lady was a mid-tier rider. she "got fived" in this section... only the top-level riders cleaned it.

    me wants one... it's a skorpa by yamaha... a 250 4-stroke, gorgeous bike. it actually as a sittable seat, and looks to be an ideal play trail bike. that exhaust system is way trick.

    sunday was about 300 miles of tellico road, rainbow springs road, wayah bald, patterson gap, popcorn road and tray mountain road... in preparation for the dual-sport ride at the georgia mountain rally.

    sorry, not much in the way of pics... we wuz *ridin'* !!

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