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    why does the motor have less hp than other models and what can be changed on it? and what should i know about the bike before buying?

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    The bike has less horsepower than other BMW's because it was designed to be a cruiser. It's got tons of torque, and gets on it's powerband around 4,000 rpm where the 1100's start performing good at 6,000+ rpm. It is the quickest BMW I have owned for street riding. 0-60 is great, 60-80 it slows down, and from 80 to whatever, the bike is slow. It will cruise all day long at 80. Plenty of accessories out there.

    The 1200C engine belongs in the 1100 oilhead family. You can change out the cams with an RT, GS, or S, but I don't know what will happen to the bikes performance. You can put a can on and gain a couple horses, but where are they in relationship to the rpms you will be running? San Diego BMW and A&S would be where I would go first for performance data.


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    Apparently you can change nearly everything.

    Nitrous will boost the hp.

    Check out the forum at

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