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Thread: TT Low Fender on an '03 Dakar

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    TT Low Fender on an '03 Dakar

    I just finished installing the Touratech low fender on my Dakar and I figured I'd pass on the issue I ran into.

    The install is as simple as one would assume: remove the factory bolts and spacers from the fork brace and insert the fender with the new, longer bolts and spacers provided by TT. The problem is that the bolts they provided for the rear two holes of the fork brace were way too long. I think this stems from the fact that the brace on my bike is not the one that TT expected me to have (see pic below, I'm also curious to know if my brace is different from the norm).

    So, if you have a brace like mine and want to install the TT fender, you'll need to get two new metric cap screws, one M8 x 50mm for the right rear, and one M8 x 60mm for the left rear (the lengths provided by TT were 70 and 85mm, respectively). I found the 50mm bolt at an Ace Hardware, but that was the longest they carried, so I had to go to local specialty place (Tacoma Screw Products) to find the 60mm bolt. While I was there I went ahead bought all four bolts in stainless.


    I also installed the TT handguard spoilers and tank and fairing crash bars (all b-day presents from my beautiful wife ). Those installs all went off without a hitch.


    Fork Brace

    New Farkles
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