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Thread: Nelsons Ledges Raceway May 3 & 4

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    Thumbs up Nelsons Ledges Raceway May 3 & 4

    Anyone interested in meeting at the Nelson Ledges raceway in Garrettsville, OH on May for some racing?

    I will be heading to the track for the weekend of May 3 and 4 to watch some motorcycle racing, camp out in the road course infield and enjoy some cold beverages. I would enjoy some company of the Bavarian persuasion.

    Check out their site

    Let me know if you would be potentially interested inthat weekend.
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    Nice track

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrich12000 View Post
    Nice track
    Care to see it in person? You will be required to bring some Molsen triple X.

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    Trippy. I used to swim at Nelsons Ledges as a kid. Never knew about the track.
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    Talking Only A Few Days Left!!!

    Only a few days leftt until the Regional WERA races begin at Nelson Ledges Raceway!

    I saw these teams race last year and they were spectacular with everything from 50 cc gp bikes to 1000 cc superbikes. All the asian bikes plus lots of Ducatis, Triumphs, Buells, Cagivias and many others. I really liked watching the twin bikes compete. Bring your earplugs!

    Anyway, I'll be there Saturday morning around 9 AM (likely by my lonesome) on a Biarritz blue r1100rt. Green Eureka Timberline tent camping somewhere in the infield (free). I scoped out a place or two to find pancakes on Sunday before the races begin again for the day. I'll probably leave mid-afternoon.

    Give me a call if you are interested in ratchet jawing at the races. 814.490.9503

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