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Thread: Doghouse criteria

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    Doghouse criteria

    Why is the latest post to be "Doghoused" in the "Doghouse"?

    It's BMW motorcycle-centric, it's funny as heck, and the language is no worse than any other that appears in links posted to our forum.

    What gives? What directive did the OP violate?

    I'm not criticizing the decision to put it in the Doghouse - I'm just trying to understand why it violated the TOS.
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    Talking More news from the Rusian Front

    I watched it when it was posted I thought it was well acted and very funny although it was Heir Hitler spoof. but it was ok..

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    I think the OP was fine, the thread was closed because it had quickly devolved into a bit of a nasty dogpile onto at least one person who spoke out (then admitted he needed thicker skin and rescinded) and the kicker - the posts that followed the mea culpa plowing him even further.

    From the guidelines...

    The code of conduct began as a long list of bad behaviors, since abandoned for a single, 2-word line: Play nice. It is simple and easy to remember. If your aim is to irritate, to insult, to shock or just generally annoy – please find some other sand box to play in (and there are lots!)

    The moderators for each forum will be the arbiter of this code. They have been chosen because they have good judgment and are expected to exercise it to maintain the forums as an inclusive experience that fosters community.
    equals, for that thread and in the experience and judgement of the Moderator, Doghouse.

    Fear not, if you disagree, just a few more lines down...

    Moderators are all volunteers, they are not perfect and as often as folks turn a bright line quite grey there will be moderation results that seem inconsistent. If you have a complaint or feel you’ve been treated unfairly just drop a line to the Forum Liaison at (it will help to have a complete explanation of your thoughts with links to specific threads and posts.)
    Please use that avenue to complain or to comment, Lee may not get back to you in an hour but he will get back to you and he will listen, and if needed, act. Trying to air it out here will just lead to yet even more of the very thing that got it closed in the first place.

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