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Thread: My first bike

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    Good R65 forum

    A very good forum that is R65 specific is found at

    and don't forget

    Good luck everyone and have fun!

    Rob V.
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    Originally posted by jdiaz
    Painting it red added 8mph to its top speed.

    Only on the ticket. I was once stopped for riding red (Moto Guzzi) in the middle lane of an interstate while cages were passing me on the left. Red bikes attract cops like a red cape attracts bulls.


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    Quote Originally Posted by R65LS View Post
    I just purchased my first bike. It's an R65LS. Is there any person here who has one as well (I assume there is). I have a few trouble shooting questions. I bought the bike for $1500 with the hard case saddle bags. I think it was a steal. Was it, or not? It is an 83. All it needs is a new speedo, front brake job, and either a generator or battery (not sure which yet). Any info would be appreciated.
    I'll give you $1600 for it!
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