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Thread: Gas tank cover

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    Gas tank cover

    Just wondering if the make a gas tank cover for a 1981 R65. I need something to cover the tank after I had removed it to place a new diode board and voltage regulator, get this - my dog tipped the tank while I was working and the gas flowed out one side, removing the paint on the side of the tank. I need to repaint the tank but in the meantime do they make a covering so it doesn't look so hidious until winter when I can paint the tank...

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    The only place I have recently found tank covers is in England at The pricing is not cheap at 77.30 British Pounds, over $100 US.

    As you plan to repaint the tank this coming winter, I see no reason to spend $100+ on a tank cover. Much cheaper to clean it, lightly sand it, wipe it down with vinegar and give it a rattle can spray job. You can get pretty good results that will last till winter just fine. And way cheaper. And if you are thinking of painting a different colour, you can experiment with it for cheap to see if you like it.

    I did that on a 1980 R100 that I was going to totaly repaint. Looked so nice, I left it for 2 years before doing a proper repaint.

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    Not a bad idea...just sand it down, steel wool it smooth, and do a cheap repaint and clear coat til I can do a proper job in the winter. I guess payin $100 for a cover is a bit more expensive than I thought...a little hand labor and spray paint probably is a better way to go. Thanks

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    Airheads like things to be simple and cheap.
    I always figure if I can get by on the cosmetic things, I can spend more time on the important things, like mechanical and riding.

    I do paint some bikes that I fix up for other people, but my own still has the original paint, with all the scratches and blemishes proudly displayed. I call them Battle Scars. From battling with wind blown sand, bugs, gravel thrown up, etc. Along with the odd nick from stupidity while wrenching or just getting around it in the garage. Don't really care that much about what it looks like. As long as it is mechanically sound and can take me anywhere I want to go and back.

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