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Thread: R1200GS Tail light question

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    R1200GS Tail light question


    Ever since my wifes's 07 R1200GS was new it seemed to me that the tail light was brighter than my R1200GSA.

    I took the cover off today and BOTH the filaments are on normally, when the brake is applied the top filament gets a lot brighter.

    I checked my GSA and it works as I would expect, on filament for the tail light and one for the brake light.

    Before I talk to the dealer (again) I just want to check that there is not supposed to be a difference between the GS and the GSA.


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    I was told they did a software change on the newer 07's...I had an 05 and it had twelve volts to the taillight, the new set up has 12 for brake, but something below 6 for the tail light. My 05 Hyperlites would not function without a 12v source run to them since the tailight did not do it on the 07 GSA

    What I understand anyways
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    Right, it was a software update.

    I have avoided having it done because when you use both filiments for both functions the Brake LED light I have wont work.

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