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Thread: 2002 K1200LT Factory GPS

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    2002 K1200LT Factory GPS

    Can someone tell me if it will work on the BMW Gps that came with the 2002 Elite Model to put a larger memory card in it and be able to down load the whole map of the USA? Some have told me you can't, others state you can?


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    Is this the BMW (Garmin) Navigator I?

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    K1200LT GPS Memory Issue

    I am guessing that you got the 2008 maps. I have the same issue with the version that came with the 2007 model. Not quite enough space to store the USA. I was also disappointed to find that my Home is now about 48 house numbers off. The maps seem a bit off every where I use an address.

    The GPS works fine - the arrow location on the map is dead on. In fact, it has a better grasp of what lane I am in on a multilane highway.

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