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    Question Engine Guards

    Relating to the R1150GS....I 'm looking for engine/cylinder guards that won't make my bike look odd. I saw the ones from BMW and am not impressed. They look bulky and you have to remove them to change the oil. Has anyone seen the Jama and Zteckdesign engine guards. Where could I find out more about these products and possibly order them? I'm open to any other suggestions. I appreciate the help.

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    Im looking for engine guards for my GS. Touratech and Wunderlich are about the only other guards out there.

    The Adventure engine guards (Shin Busters) are an alternative, but none to be found. Check out the current BMW Motorrad USA accessories book and they have pictures of the R1150R with engine guards, pgs 57, 60, & 62. JON

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