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Thread: Gas in Air Box!?

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    Question Gas in Air Box!?

    After returning from a ride this weekend, I noticed a small puddle of fluid under my bike. The puddle seemed to be mostly gas but felt like it had some oil mixed with it. When I tracked down the source it was coming from the drain hose on my air box. I removed the side cover, inspected the air box, and found a good bit of gas on the inside of the box. I'm guessing carb problems but my mechanical skills are limited so I was hoping to get some help diagnosing this problem. Any ideas on what is causing this problem and how to fix it? The bike is a '97 F650 Funduro.


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    Had this happen twice on a trip to Alaska. Both times the filter got enough gas in it so the engine quit. Took the carbs apart and found a small piece of dirt near one of the jets. After removing the the dirt, never had another occurance.

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    Go to the technical FAQs at There is a wealth of info there. 90% you will find the answer to this problem in the "classic" FAQ

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