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Thread: Alternator upgrade for R75/5

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    Alternator upgrade for R75/5

    I want to get more juice than the stock alt. provides and did a forum search. The answer seems to be an Omega but I read that on the /5 it requires a stator upgrade too. With all that, will I have any fitment problems upgrading to this system? I really don't want to run extra lights but would like some heat

    Also I notice that my charging light does not go out until I get the revs up higher that I would have thought necessary.

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    The 400 watt system that Rick sells from Motorrad Electrik is pretty much a plug-and-play system. It comes with a new rotor and stator, diode board and regulator, as well as rotor puller, and associated wiring pieces, and new brushes. I have installed one on my /6, and recently installed on on another rider's R80RT. Took about 2 hours. Probably the hardest part of the whole install was taking the cover off the starter to facilitate running the new charge wire. Parts qhality is very high, and the instruction sheet is very clear to follow.
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    Me too:)

    R100/7 with the Omega system and its a very fine addition @ 400W. Your heat issue will not usually overun the stock unit(heated vest), as i ran my vest for years on the stock alternator. Mine just wore out and I replaced the BMW alternator with the Omega. The BMW original parts price was nearly the same vs. the Omega price, so go figure which you want! 400W is clearly the better choice. I also ran and still do, a volt meter and its a very valuable gauge for your current draw on the battery. Use a volt meter in your fairing, etcetc., to keep you posted of the charging circuit always, for peace of mind. You know immediately, when something is going south! Randy13233

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    My wife has a 240-watt /6 set-up on her R75/5. Seems to work well enough.
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    There is the Enduralast which I have. I puts out about 100 more watts at 1000 rpm less than the stock 280 watt system.

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    The euduralast system is great. It uses a permananat magnet, not an electromagnet for the rotor, to there are no brushes to wear out, and its a bit lighter. Also, there is no diode board to fry. And the people at euromotoelectrics are very helpful.

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    I was under the impression that the stock alt. on a '73 was about 180 watt and that went up to 280 in the /6. Upgrading to the 280 watt might be enough. The full 400 is really spendy.

    Thanks for all replies..

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    Bottom line what do you all think about the aftermarket charging systems?

    Hey Gang,

    I have an R80RT I would like to increase lighting on so I am thinking about one of the after market charging kits to install.

    Bottom line for all of you who have them installed or had them installed. How reliable are they?

    Thanks. St.

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    How reliable are they is a tough question to answer. I installed the Enduralast because it used current OEM parts with good quality control, was easy to troubleshoot, and did not depend on my bike's original wiring harness. The only thing I have against the Omega is that it still uses a wound rotor, the rotor STILL craps out like the BMW ones. The short of this is that you STILL need a spare rotor with the Omega system. Of course, you can still lose the thyristor box in the Enduralast, but that takes about 6 seconds to diagnose.

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    LED light for R75

    I installed the Enduralast alternator upgrade; MotoElectric claims that this system puts out 280 watts. Does anyone know if that's
    enough to power a heated vest and LED driving lights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonPariser View Post
    I installed the Enduralast alternator upgrade; MotoElectric claims that this system puts out 280 watts. Does anyone know if that's
    enough to power a heated vest and LED driving lights?
    I still have the stock charging system on my '83 R100RT which I believe is 280 watts and regularly use my Gerbing heated liner and heated gloves as well as 2 PIAA 530 LED fog lights with no charging issues at all. I usually turn off the heated gear about 1/4 mile from my next stop. I was originally thinking that I needed an aftermarket system but I'm getting by just fine with the stock system.
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    280 watts works for me.

    I do the same. I have a Gerbing jacket liner. I also turn off the vest for the last minute or two- I'm going to a warm insides, anyway. I have used it on the R75/5 (/7 electrics), R90/6 and R60/6. The best for this is the R60/6 because the engine spins so fast that it is nearly always charging, even though it has addition tail lights. It just spins really easily. The R90 is just too easy to lug, and never get the electrons moving. But they are all fun. Whichever one I ride that day is my favorite.
    On the other hand, the 180W alternator that was stock on my R75/5 was just not enough. Never, ever, except on a LONG ride. That extra 100W is HUGE. If you have the original 180W system, you can put in a later 280W system (check the crank taper - there may have been two different ones) no problem. But if I had to do it I would do whatever Mottorrad Elektrik has. He will work with you and be sure you are happy. You may end up paying more to get an original 280W than the 500W monster he has, depending on where you source your parts. If you go with the 280, be sure to get a new rotor. You old one is overdue for failure. keep it as a spare.

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    alternator for R75/5

    Probably everything will be fully answered, and then some, HERE:


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    Definitely need to do the math when adding accessories to our old bikes. Snobum's site has the information you need on how many watts a typical bike pulls. Then add in a Gerbing's jacket which draws 6 Amps at full power so that is 72 watts right there and whatever your LED lights are pulling. You start nudging up to 280 Watts pretty quick. I know when my rotor gives up (and it will) I'll be installing a 400 Watt Enduralast system.

    They are on sale for $299 at the moment if anyone needs one. LINK:

    Videos of a guy installing the kit on a R100GS are on the Home page of that site.

    No affiliation. But that's a decent deal!
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    Unhappy Doing the Math

    Thanks to all for the sage advice; I bought a BMW accessory electrical outlet for my R75/5, but can't find a suitable place to mount it so it
    might look "stock!" Any suggestions? Also, the hole in the bracket, included with the kit, is too small for the female outlet. Is this simply a case
    that needs to be drilled out and reamed?

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