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Thread: First ride today

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    Talking First ride today

    I will take the K1100RS out for the first time since my accident (different bike). Barring any mechanical hiccups :shock: , I hope it goes well. We have both had extensive maintenance and repairs since last May. Repaired RH landing gear for me and new head gasket, rebuilt water and oil pump, new brake hoses, freshly painted fairings, rebuilt brake calipers, fluid changes all the way around and a good looking over for her. I hope the ride goes well .
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    Good luck!

    Hope all goes well with you, I can not relate to that. I have been very lucky in 45 years of riding now accidents on road bikes with a lot of falls on dirt bikes. I have had friends that have had cages pull out into their lanes. Enjoy the ride and weather. . . it is already dry, windy and dusty in eastern Colorado and too snowy in the mountains.

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