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Thread: View unread?

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    View unread?

    Here's something that bugs me. Let's say I'm readingour beloved fora but run out of time before I get to check out all the areas I usually read. Let's say in this case that I don't have time to read Campfire.
    The next time I get on and read, EVERYTHING- including the Campfire in our example- shows only what's new since I was last on, regardless of whether or not I read that section.
    While it's no trouble to simply look at the last post dates to know what I've missed, it's annoying because those areas that I didn't read last session and which have reset anyway no longer have 'view first unread' buttons on the threads that I missed in the previous section and I have to scroll through and figure out where I left off.
    This is the only forum with which I've experienced this annoyance, and it's higher-tech than some with which I have not experienced this annoyance.

    So is this something we can improve, or am I full of it as usual?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Veg View Post
    So is this something we can improve, or am I full of it as usual?
    YES !
    But it bugs me also!

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    I visit another forum that uses the same basic software but they have a few additional features activated. If I only view some of that forum, then return, there is a breakpoint in the list to indicate topics from that point on have unread (not just new) messages since my last visit.

    Another feature there is iSpy, which is smarter than New Posts, it's a current hot list and you can watch it update. I also like the feature that dislay a small list at the bottom of a topic showing existing topics with similar titles; if you add a new topic, that forum first shows a list of existing topics that might be where you should be posting, instead of starting a new topic.

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