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Thread: New to GPS

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    It was great talking with you at the Dogwood Rally. At first I did have some problems with the unit not perfoming like it should. I contacted Garmin and they were very helpful with helping get all the new updates and setting up the unit to perform like I want it to. Most of the problems were caused by myself not understanding the setup of the unit and how the unit worked. After playing with it the unit works great. I am still learn new things of what this little unit can do.
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    I have a Quest I and I love it.

    The elsinga website is a great resource for your Quest questions. Also another pretty good resource is the UKGSER site, because those limeys across the pond really seem to love their Quests.

    Basemap on the Quest I is pretty bad ... only major roads/highways. On the Quest II, you'll have the entire set of mapping details, which should be quite excellent. One of the first things you should do is use mapsource to get the detailed maps for your home area downloaded onto the Quest.

    Setting your prefs on the Quest can be really helpful.

    (This is from memory ... so allow for a little error!)

    I like the "autozoom" feature (someone else said they do NOT like it). This feature zooms in on the intersection if you need to make a turn and shows quite clearly which direction to take. On QI this is fast and good. The QII is known to have a slow screen re-draw issue, and so perhaps this is why it's not liked.

    For the mapdisply, I like it to be in "north up" mode instead of in "direction of travel mode" (track up). But try both!

    I turned off the routing text on the very bottom of the screen. On the right hand side I display 1) Distance to next turn, 2) Directional arrow of the next turn, 3) Time to final destination.

    When routing on the Q unit, I set my preference to be prompted for "faster vs shorter". For routing quality, I have "best" selected (on the QI, route calculation is very fast, so why accept crappy route quality?). There is a preference on the Q for automatic recalculation when "off route". The "prompt me" option may be best here. Most of the time it's perfectly acceptable to get re-routed. If, however, you slaved over your mapsource software working to create a perfect route and you want to follow this exact route, then you should NOT allow your Q to re-calc the route. This also applies if you have borrowed and downloaded a route from a friend.

    The Mapsource software is very much worth learning to use. Here's an easy way to create a route: Create waypoints for your start and your end location. Next create a new route by telling MS your startpoint and endpoint (using waypoints). Mapsource draws your route. Now if you see some nice windy roads near your route that you'd like to take instead, use the "white arrow" selection tool to click on the route and drag it over to that nice windy road. Mapsource redraws the route. Repeat.

    Mapsource Preferences:
    Under the Preferences > Routing tab you'll see a bunch of fun stuff to play with:
    vehicle (select car/motorcycle or perhaps bicycle. There is a "try to avoid" section with the choices of Tolls, Unpaved Roads, U-Turns, etc. I avoid U Turns and Toll Roads typically. Too bad they don't offer a "try to find" for "unpaved roads". :-)
    Also check out your "Road Selection" bar ranging from "prefer minor" to "prefer highway". I tend to dial this guy either mid-way or all the way to "minor roads". Depends on how fast I want to get where I'm going. You can easily find yourself on some fantastic but really slow roads! These preferences affect how your route is calculated in the mapsource program. After creating a route you can edit your prefs and recalc the route.

    I'll shut up now and get back to work!

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