Perhaps one of the best kept little known facts about the rally site is that there is a full blown MX track on the grounds. Up till now that has been by design.

Our intrepid rally chairs have made arrangements with the Powder Basin Motorcycle Club's MX course.

I am delghted to assist them in the use of the track and I would like to come up with ideas how to utilize the facility.

A few quick thoughts, comments are solicited.

There will be absolutely no racing or timing used, we can't insure this activity.
There may be professional rider training but that may would take place off the track. This training might include some exercises on the track but there would be plenty of open time for people not taking a course.

For open time there should be a very small fee of which 100% would be donated to the official rally charity. Perhaps we could do "laps for kids".

We could also do a 1/2 "track day" with some instruction and then practice time on the track. It would be peer instruction vs professional training.

So take a moment to give some feedback in the poll.