This "GS Event" may well get into the Rally schedules, per Rob Nye and Me. Sounds like Rob has been into his research mode and we have a basic start at putting this together, folks. Hoorah, for all the GS riders and folks just watching the fun, as spectators. We'll try hard to get a formadable plan of attack together and get r done, for all to enjoy. Thanks to Rob, for bringing up the m/x track in this forum and with his guidance and my assistance, we'll have a heck of a fun time. My past experience in these kind of events on dirt has been its very popular for the spectators and riders too. It will draw some attention, you bet! BMW's and dirt, make for some fun times. A learning curve indeed, riding dirt on the biggest of world class bikes, like the BMW GS's,etc. F650's too and others. Beginners should not hesitate to come along and find their newfound freedom, putting the GS class into its real world of adventure. I will make every attempt to make lesser experienced riders in dirt welcome and show them some of the ropes of dirt riding. I began at motocross racing in my mid teens for Yamaha, long ago and have ridden dirt most of my life, at 55 now. Its been such a rewarding experience, to view the scenery of the less travelled byways in my travels. The GS lineup has provided all of us willing, to a great deal of new experiences, with a little education and riding style changes. Not much, just a little dirt knowledge will get r done nicely. Its very addictive and once hooked, its in the blood. Rob Nye, I do not know, but have read about and has a Directorship in the MOA, I believe, Yes? He clearly has some dirt experiences too and even with the new GS800, we've all drooled over in pictures only(shame on BMW). We need it here, in N.America. I hope to discuss further, as the rally gets closer, with Rob and get this thing set for action at our rally in Wyoming. Please, to all, be interested and give us some support as this will be a first for our National Rally(to my knowledge) and I promise some hard work on my part, getting it done. Some helpers will be needed and probably easily found, when we arrive. Happy Traisl to all, "Polarbear" Randy Owens13233