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Thread: my voltmeter reads 16 volts

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    my voltmeter reads 16 volts

    Hello; Since I bought my Airhead, the voltmeter reads 16 volts most any time the engine is running. Lights on or off, doesn't matter sixteen volts.

    I bought a new diode board, installed with advice from this forum.

    I bought a new voltage regulater, the new style, it made no difference at all, cost a lot of money though.

    I tested my dash voltmeter with a digital VOM and it is accurate.

    When I ressurected the battery this spring, I had to add about half the water, seems to be okay now.

    How can I fix this? Surely this isn't the way they intended.

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    Those are metric volts

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    Contact Motorad Electric. They advertise in MOA every month. They seem to know their stuff!!geoff

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