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    Smile OFF the Interstate

    here is a little 'quick note' I prepared re: my return trip (from my nostalgia Trip - to the April Fool's rally and the Tentpegger rally 2004)

    1180 miles from Tarpon Springs Florida to Winamac Indiana without riding even 1 inch on any Interstate! Left Tue AM (13 April) arrived home Friday afternoon.
    Lots of experiences, including a motel wimpout, in Columbus GA, the first night with close to hypothermia.

    Then best of all the, gods provided me with a great birthday present on Thurs 4/15, one of the best rides ever. Frost was on the tent and bike cover and picnic table in the morning at Cumberland Mountain State Park in TN, but it warmed up rapidly to a beautiful day in the high 40's and 50's, sunny with scattered clouds for a sky and light traffic as I followed US127 and US421 to Clifty Falls state park just west of Madison Indiana. Trees and grass turning green, colorful foliage coming out for spring. A great ride through mid, northern Tennessee and Kentucky.

    . . . . . . More later . . . . . . . . maybe

    Tom Anspach
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    Back Roads....the only way to travel

    Winamac??? Did you guys get electricity yet?? Just kidding, don't get exicted....My dad wants to buy property and move there. He's currently in CrownPoint.

    Madison Indiana area "rocks"!! Cross the 2 lane steel bridge over the Ohio River. Did 127/421 last year coming home from the National via South Carolina.
    Spent the night in Kentucky, some town just over the Tennesse border, that didn't have any alcohol!!!! Ever been to an Applebee's and realize no "drink menu"??? WTF???
    Hey, I'm thirsty here!!!!

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