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    Some people just need to be shot and pe...

    Let's hope they get caught and these can be returned to the owner. After all, there is no market for the parts. If a list of the bikes gets posted hopefully we can keep an eye out for "new" old bikes for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floppp View Post
    Let's hope they get caught ...
    Sounds like a tribe of Valkyries pulled the heist.

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    Sounds like the dam Goths.Or,the goddam visigoths(can I say that here or would Allah be angered?)
    Sometimes,nothing is a real cool hand.

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    1904 Humber, 4hp. V-twin. Reg. AB2607.
    1911 Hobart, Ladies Model, 300cc, Reg. AR2945
    1913 Humber, Reg. EH554.
    1913 Douglas, Ladies Model. Reg. KT1703
    1915 Brough, Ladies Model, in line Flat twin, 500cc Reg. AT2885
    1915 Douglas. Reg. CT4454.
    1921 Moto Gillet, 350cc. No Reg.
    1921 Alcyon Acynette, 90cc. Ladies Model. No Reg, Wheels missing.
    1923 Zenith-JAP, 680cc. V-Twin. Fuel tank missing. Reg. KH4513
    1924 Calthorpe. Reg. PH569.
    1925 Velocette,EL, Ladies Model, 3-Speed. Reg BC8928
    1926 Moto Guzzi, 500cc. Reg. KC9654
    1926 Rex Acme-Jap, V-Twin. Reg. RT2251
    1927 New Imperial, 250cc. Reg. KH4513
    1927 BSA, 350cc. OHV. Reg. NX8103
    1932 Moto Guzzi, 175cc, Model P, No Reg.
    1932 Frera, 225cc. No Reg
    1946 Ariel Red Hunter.1946, 500cc, Reg UAS872.
    1950 Moto Guzzi, Motoleggera.48cc, No Reg.

    Anyone with information should contact Gloucestershire Constabulary, details below-

    Detective Constable Emma Skeen

    Tel- (01452) 335200 (0044 1452 335200)


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    My sixth sense is telling me that this was a very well thought out caper.
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