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Thread: Wyoming & Montana in early May

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    Wyoming & Montana in early May

    A group of us will be meeting in south-central Wyoming in early May, spending two weeks going hopefully up through Yellowstone and Glacier, likely east to Rushmore/Badlands. I'd really appreciate it if a local rider could give me some insight about determining which roads might still be closed at the time, perhaps phone numbers or websites to check as we get closer to launch time. Lots of 'scenic byways' on the state map also are marked as 'seasonal'. Thanks.

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    511. That's road information on the phone around here.

    Anything marked seasonal might vary from day to day, or even morning to afternoon, that time of year. You'll have to check locally to know for sure. Another thing that works, you open the motel curtain in the morning. Do you see ice or snow on your bike? If yes, take the low road. If no, take the high road. If you can't see the bike, sleep in.

    You can almost always head out anyway, if you wait for the morning frost to disappear, as long as you take the main routes. For example, Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park probably won't be open then, but Hwy 2 is always open, it's the main route, and it's pretty great riding.

    So, adjust your plan to shorter riding days than you would plan in the summer.

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    That time of year is uncertainty at its best. I think you need to check at each stop and find out what the locals say.

    If the roads are open you will be in for a treat. Have fun

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