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Thread: Anyone head'n to the Rally through Mich and Mak Bridge and Hwy2 ?

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    Thumbs up Anyone head'n to the Rally through Mich and Mak Bridge and Hwy2 ?

    Dear MOA Riders

    MOA member and F650 rider living in northern Michigan (Alpena) lookin for fellow rider going westward by the way of Mack Bridge and Hwy #2 through UP of Michgan and Minn and North Dakota and Montana and Idaho ..... Well somewhere along the Hwy 2 route to the rally and takers please write me at Just hate massive miles without someone to help if problem happens .... buddy from NH decided to no go this year ... rats)))

    I have some cool GS lite camping areas on the way planned to call a night.

    Day of depature Friday the 9th of July and day of arrival 14th of July in Spokane.

    Again, the route is Hwy #2 ... almost the whole way.

    Charlie C in Alpena MI

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    You might want to poke around on this thread
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    I'm going from Traverse City, but haven't decided on a route yet. Email me at
    John Peck
    Maple City, Michigan

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    That's a nice route, I did it in '76 from Detroit, but only as far as Fargo, North Dakota. Then, I continued on the e-way across the prairie and Rockies, right through Spokane and Seattle and down the coast to San Francisco.

    It'll take alot longer, but you'll meet alot of nice people. My brother did the same on his way to California in about '85. He broke down on the way, and some nice folks put him up for a few days until the parts were shipped to the dealer. They wanted him to just stay in the town forever...that's the nice thing, you see these little towns and people actually talk to you. The closer you are to Michigan, the more they'll say, "You're nuts!", but as you get further west, those Michigan plates will gain you some respect. Along about the wester part of Minnesota, out of Duluth, you will hit a high plateau and move through a massive Indian reservation. All of a sudden, it will seem like you are "out west".

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    That was me on the above "unregistered" reply, forgot to log in...

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    US Hwy 2

    I will be travelling on US 2, but will not encounter it until Duluth, Minnesota. I live in western Wisconsin and planned go through Duluth on the 10th. Maybe we could get together there??

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    On the road to Spokane


    I live in ann arbor and will be heading out to the rally, nominally
    on the 10th. Where might I hook up with people? I rode the lewis and
    clark trail 2 years ago (more or less) and have my own experiences
    riding in that neck of the woods. I am of the mind that 200 is better than
    2, romantic as a two laner across the canadian border sounds. My preference (all other things being equal) is to blast out a couple of
    800 mile days and get to the mountains on the superslab. (I like
    80 across iowa, 29 north to souix falls, 90 across SD, up to belle forche,
    than 212 to 90 coming up out of Wyoming by custers last stand. From that location, there are a ton of options. But I'm flexible...

    John E.

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