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    HI everyone. Im recently a new member to the BMWMOA. As of now I do not own a BMW. Hopfully there is a R1200RT in my near future but not before rally. So that brings up my question. I have been riding a suzuki V-STROM for the past couple of years. Are other makes of bikes welcome at the rally if you are an MOA member or would this be against the bylaws or be frowned upon by the membership?

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    I'll be there on something other than a BMW. After my first BMW rally, I swore I'd ride a Triumph the next time. I didn't; rode my /5 instead, but it has been five or six years since I last rode a BMW to a BMW rally. It's okay. BMW owners like to look at a lot of different bikes.

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    Welcome Aboard dreamen!

    All riders regardless of marque are welcome. Members get a discount of course but you will see all brands at the rally.

    The big difference will be many additions vendors aimed specifically at BMW riders. Wait until you see all the farkle aimed at GS riders.

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    V Strom:)

    Is a really good Suzuki and many folks I know ride them. I've even been looking at the 650 myself. Suzuki has a winner in this model and popular too. Ride it, be happy and we'll enjoy seeing it and having you there. The RT is a fine choice too, so good luck with all that shopping thing. Its only money Randy13233

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    First of all welcome. Glad to have you here and posting.

    Ride what ya got. No one will give you a hard time about it. The rally is about the people, not what you ride.

    You will have a great time, make a lot of new friends, get to see all of the new things every rider "needs" and go home with a big smile on your face.

    Hope to see some posts with pictures upon your return.
    Ride Well

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    Virago 250

    My Airhead might be restored in time for the rally, but not to jinx things I have listed my Virago 250 as the bike I'm riding to the rally. It is the same one I rode to last year's national, and many, many other BMW rallies. Everyone has always been very welcoming.


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    We'll have our V Strom in our vendor booth showcasing the Roadgear luggage we sell.

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