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Thread: Which do you prefer..airhawk, beads, or sheepskin

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    Used the Airhawk on all LD rides for the past 4 years on different bikes. Works great but always takes me awhile to get the inflation just right. When you get it just right you are floating on air.
    '08 R1200 GS Lee Parks Total Control

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    On my K75 stock seat; comfort seat, Corbin Gunfighter seat - all improved by sheepskin. The one I have is washable. A little time in the washer turns roadkill back into a good looking skin.

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    Bunz-ez pad, sometimes with a sheepskin on top of that.

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    Jack Herbst
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    I love my Airhawk. Very comfortable--vented (keeps you dry)-- works with the heated seat. I can use it on any of my five motorcycles by simply picking it up and putting it on which one I want to ride.

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    I bought a Air Hawk for my RT and at first it felt like I was sitting on a Marshmellow. Once I got the air pressure right it was incredibly comfortable. Of course I got it after spending a combined 3500 miles on my RT in 5 days. Haven't been on a long trip since, so I've been thinking about selling it. Come to think of it I might be riding to Colorado this Summer, might hold on to it now.

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    Sheep skin from Alaska Leather (Deluxe version)

    I've had it for 2-years, and love it. I didn't wanted to go with custom seat as it would have raised the height a bit.

    I have ridden in rain, no problem. I always have my BMW Leather pants on, so I never get wet from below, and if it gets dirty, just wash it even with water and squeeze it. It comes right-up.

    So far, I've enjoyed having Alaska Leather Deluxe sheep skin. I'll keep it if I'm going for a 75+ mile ride.

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    Spencer's Seat Remake?

    Has anyone tried Spencer's seats? The St1100 riders are gung ho about him. He opens the seat from the bottom and adds/removes foams & gel. Top cover is untouched.

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    Airhawk has been THE best for me... but, the older ones are better with the smaller cubes. Unfortunately, mine sprung a leak. Sheepskin adds another 100 miles to my ride in comfort.

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    Which do you prefer....airhawk, beads or sheepskin?

    I have tried the Airhawk and the Alaska Leather sheepskin.

    The Airhawk was most comfortable for me, but my problem is that it raises the seat height too much for me. I only have a 29 inch inseam and even with the low seat, I am on tiptoes, without anything covering the seat. I think the low seat brings the seat height down to 32 inches, but I am still 3 inches too short in the inside leg.

    The Alaska Leather sheepskin works best for me, since it doesn't raise the seat height as much and it does provide some comfort on long rides.

    I heard that BMW was coming out with a lowered RT, but without ESA.

    My bike is a 2005 model with ESA and I don't want to part with the ESA even to obtain a lower seat height.

    The low seat height is one of the things I reluctantly gave up when I traded my R1200C for the RT. The C has a 26 inch seat height.

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    Sheepskin with beads, Makes my R1150R seat bearable.

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    My 60 year old bones seem less tolerate than most and I begin to complain after 200 miles but I don't have as much to set on as most folks. It helps to take a coffee break every hour or so, to get the blood moving. I've used Corbin and liked it.

    Just took a trip to Destin Florida and I tried Beads on my stock bike. As far as I am concerned beads are Worthless. I will never use them again.
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    Beads work for me

    Beaded seat cover on a stock '07 K12GT seat work for me here in southern Arizona. The ventilation and massage-like qualities of the beads are effective! Taking a 10-15 minute stretch break every 90 minutes helps as well. Ditto on the wicking underwear; cotton is not the choice for comfort. Hope this helps.

    Cycle shorts should be available at any good cycling--bicycle--shop. Be prepared to spend fifty bucks for a quality pair. Those $100+ varieties are unnecessary.
    John Klein,
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    My beads work good. For the price you can't go wrong

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    Beaded seat cover


    Nothing is as rewarding as leading the group ride....wiggles my butt on my beaded seat cover enjoying the massage while those behind me are squirming with Chips scratching their butts!

    Beaded seat cover is the answer. You can ride 12 hours and feel comfortable. It allows air circulation... keeps you above the moisture if its wet and is inexpensive.

    Buying new seats usually does not work and is usually an exercise in creating future conversation about what a smart decision you made.

    thanks .

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    After a rather uncomfortable 600+ mile ride to Biketoberfest this past Oct, I decided I would try anything to help rid me of the terrible butt pain that the stock seat on my 08 RT was giving me. I bought a Sheepskin cover, Bead Rider, and an Air Hawk. I found the sheepskin helped relieve some of the pain but not entirely. It did however provide a more comfortable feel. The Bead rider was a little wierd at first, but on a hot day it kept my butt cool with air circulating through the beads. It felt a litttle better than the sheepskin. Lastly, I walked into the J&P store and met an Airhawk salesperson that must have been there for the week. I sat on a demo and talked to him for about fifteen minutes. I contemplated spending the money, but figured if it helped the ride home it would be worth it. It by far was the most comfortable of the three, with regards to a long haul. Once I got the air pressure right, it helped a lot. All in all I guess the Beadrider and the Airhawk will be keepers. While the Airhawk was best for the long ride, once I got on the twisties the mushy feel took away that "planted" feeling in the seat. I think the Beadrider would suit the twisties best. Inevitably looks like I am going to end up buying a Corbin seat. I have one on my Electra Glide and like the firm feel. I can always use the Airhawk on it to change the feel if I like anyway. The main problem with the stock RT seat is that it does not have enough butt surface, so hopefully I will achieve that perfect ride when I get something for my aching behind.

    A little long-winded, but that is my story!
    Jim Mock
    2008 R1200RT (The Blue Mule), R90/6 (New to me)
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    "Spring loaded to the riding position!"

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