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Thread: 2007 R1200RT final drive leak

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    Unhappy 2007 R1200RT final drive leak

    F.Y.I. Just had my rt in for 600 mile service. I live about 350 miles from the dealership so its not just a short trip to "check a problem out". After I got back home the next day I go for a short ride and tada! There is some gear oil on my rear tire and a drop or two hanging off my rear drive case. I call the dealership and the mechanic tells me it is probably just some over fill from when they changed it. Says to call back if it continues. So it continues to leak everytime I ride it. It won't leak if it just sets, only when it is driven. Talk to the mechanic again and he says your rear seal is bad, only thing it can be. Bring it in and we will put a new seal in. Has any one else had this happen on such low mileage for this paticular model? Will take it back to the dealer next weekend, have to trailer it and gas ain't cheap.

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    It's unfortunate - but stuff does happen. There hasn't been a rash of seals leaking, but it's not unknown. Sorry to hear about it when the dealer is such a distance away..
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    No final drive leak, but am having "moisture" where tranny and engine mate...keep an eye on that area, should never have "moisture".
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclark4779kf View Post
    I call the dealership and the mechanic tells me it is probably just some over fill from when they changed it. Says to call back if it continues.

    There is only 230ml of gear oil, or less than half a pint, in the darn thing! Sure it will stop leaking eventually -- when all the fluid is gone.

    I wouldn't let a mechanic near my bike if he made such a ridiculous suggestion.
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    Here you go! Check;

    Its a drive, you say, so here is a check for you, if you have any mechanical abiltity. The rear drive sensor, located on the inside edge at the top of the housing is subject to leaks, if the mechanic did a poor job putting it back together during the oil change. It may well be this, indeed and NOT a wheel seal, imo. I am an unauthorised BMW wrench and have a new model too of my own in the GSA1200. The rears are the same. Your wheel needs to come off, brake caliper off and the sensor will be exposed. A very small O Ring and metal ring are in there, behind the sensor and need to be carefully installed "every time". One screw removes the sensor and the Oring and metal ring on the sensors backside. CLEAN them well and put it back together. It will take an hour at best! Its a problem and many have had issues with this leaking. The overfill answer is a poor answer indeed and consider the source a poor advisor! NO leaks are acceptable and done right, they are not a problem. If its a seal, so be it, but the above is a first response and the simpler things come first in my book. Seal replace is another two hours at best. Randy13233

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    Talking 2007 final drive link

    Thanks to all for your comments on the final drive leak. Especially for the suggestion on the rear sensor. Will make sure they address that when I take it in. Brett

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    Opened my k75rt for the spline ky thing and found the pinion seal toasted For $101.45 At Durham BMW it was fixed by their expert staff with thanks. canadian service it's great.. ever consider getting an older already run in unit?

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    Final note on final drive oil leak 2007 R1200RT

    Just a note on what was thought to be a final drive leak on my 2007 r1200rt. Turned out that ya'll s info was right on. It turned out to be the o-ring in the rear axle sensor. Thanks again for your input. Brett

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