My clutch has developed a mild vibration (shudder) upon take off in 1st gear. I have seen many posts in the ADV rider forum in regard to this. I noticed that my clutch fluid level is below the minimum mark. I looked at the clutch slave cylinder and it looked and felt dry. Could it be leaking internally and thereby ruining the clutch plate. The bike has only 1,000 miles on her. The bike also has a mild ping upon low rpm acceleration that was not there when it was new. The high pitched whine that I posted earlier is still there also. The dealer (Irv Seaver) said that this noise was normal. Well it wasn't there when the bike was new. I really like riding this bike and I hope I can get these problems sorted out. So many dealers are only willing to repair the obvious. How do I pursue these problems if the dealer is not willing to acknowledge them? Oh well, back to the dealer she goes. Thankfully I am retiring next year. Maybe I'll pursue a part time job down there so that my bike problems will be properly addressed. If not, this will be my last BMW ( I have owned three since 1987.) All of my friends own Japanese touring bikes with zero problems. Why do the later BMW's continue to have reliability problems. My 1987 K75 was the most reliable bike that I ever owned. The only mechanical problem in 17 years of ownership was a water pump leak at the 15 year mark. As of now, I do not trust this GS.