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Thread: I am curious (Orange)

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    I am curious (Orange)

    Yes, I admit it... I have been looking at orange bikes, in all honesty even before they became orange... back when they were green or blue, and called "Penton."

    My son Kurt works at a local KTM dealership, owned by a good friend of mine, Jim. So, imagine my surprise when Kurt rides home from work last night on a sweet 990 Adventure.

    He says "I think Jim wants you try the bike dad, but I have to take it back to the shop tomorrow."

    Not needing any more persuasion than that, I awoke this morning at 4am to put a few balls back in my clients' court, then hopped on the bike at 5:30 and took off.

    What a SWEET ride this bike is... light, agile, powerful. I rode out through the suburbs, past Cumming, along Old Federal Highway, and past Big Canoe. Blasted as fast as I dared in the dark up Burnt Mountain (GA136) and back down and headed back home and gave the bike back to Kurt, who is now on his way to work.

    I really couldn't get it all dirty since it has to go back on the showroom floor, but I gotta say... these orange bikes are very impressive.... I think I see one in my future. But in dark silver... KTM orange is just... over the top.


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    That's a pretty big grin, Ian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SNC1923 View Post
    That's a pretty big grin, Ian.
    i have to say, i like this bike.

    a couple of years ago, i led an adventure ride with helge pedersen and our local bmw dealer. i was going to ride my G/SPD+ but someone offered me a kawasaki KLX650. Helge and the dealer were on HP2s and the three of us really pounded some ground over some difficult stuff. we stayed pretty far in front of the group... except for one guy on a 950 Adventure. he stayed glued to us the entire time.

    after the ride, the guy let me take a spin and i kind of liked it, but it was a little buzzy. the new fuel-injection on the 990 smoothed that right out and the motor was remarkable tractable... not quite as good as the BMW down low, but very good power/flat torque.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Statdawg View Post
    I looked at them as well. The drawback for me was their fuel range, they were water cooled, and the availability of parts in far off places. For off roading they are tops but for the long range over-landers they offer nothing but an expensive seat cushion. I am still looking.
    dealer network and fuel mileage are two issues for me, too. but KTM is making huge strides.

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    Ian, you two look like you'd make a good couple.

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