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Thread: CS Windshield Upgrade

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    CS Windshield Upgrade

    Which of these following has anyone tried; "CS Windscreen" "The F650CS Touring Windshield!"
    You will have scroll down or do a find for F650CS "The Lip"

    Do you own it? and what do you think of it?


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    Love my ztechnik!!!

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    Thanks for the addition to the list. The Parabellem website actually has some information stating that the mileage increased with theirs. Personally, I like this one for the looks. I don't like the ones with the curve. Just doesn't look right for some reason. I know that the curve probably helps move the breeze over the helmet.
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    What's it on?

    Quote Originally Posted by scotchale View Post
    Love my ztechnik!!!
    I've got a 2006 F650GS. I'm 5'9" and riding on a standard height seat. I didn't like the short Parabellum that came on the bike when I got it. I want something that minimizes buffeting, noise, and wind and that is not too close to my helmet.

    It's hard shopping when you can't "try it on".

    So what is yours mounted on?


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    WindScreen Height

    I am 5'8" and was wondering about the height of the windscreens. Which height really works? I ran into a guy at the BMW shop here in Milwaukee that had the tall CS screen on a CS. He said it was his wife's bike and that the only problem he had with this one is that he could not turn lock to lock with out hitting the screen.

    So has anybody put different mirrors on their CS/GS/... and what did you think?


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    Cee Bailey's

    I'm 5'8" and have had a Cee Bailey's tall (20 1/4" high) dark smoked windshield on my CS for about 30K miles and just love it. I look over the windshield so tint isn't a problem at night, and it pushes the air over my helmet which is nice during the cold weather. I also have the GS hand guards on and although they do just touch, I haven't had any problems with steering issues. The guards just touch the windshield as the steering hits the stops. The handlebars can be adjusted back to correct this issue and still have clearance for the hard case glove box if used.

    As for the mirrors, I have no reflection on that issue...............

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