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Thread: Convert K100RS to Standard

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    Convert K100RS to Standard

    I just bought a pristine 1985 K100RS with low miles and promptly wrecked the upper and right side fairing beyond repair. Can anyone give me advice on converting this bike to a standard? It still runs and rides great, just looks like hell... I have not yet found out what parts I would need to make it into a standard bike, but I would love to do it.


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    was pristine

    Ride it the way it is.
    Use duct tape to patch it.
    Ride it that way until you've
    taken a riding course and
    have ridden without further damage
    for a season.

    Then, and only then, fix it,
    modify it, or trade it for golf clubs.

    This is an opportunity for growth.

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    Thanks, that was exactly my plan. The bike works fine, I just need to get a couple of things to make it road worthy, and I found out about Bob's BMW catalog last night, where I can actually get the fairing parts I will need to fix it for a price that I am willing to pay. But not until I'm pretty sure I've made all of my stupid mistakes...

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    BTW, I did take the MSF beginning rider's course, but that was on a yamaha 125 in a parking lot that was clean of gravel. It didn't prepare me for riding a bike that is 600lbs wet . The first mistake I made, the one that wrecked my windshield, was trying to use the recommended procedure from the manual to get it off the center stand. I was in the garage and lost it and the windshield hit a workbench on the way down. But, it was still ridable, just no windshield. Then, on my rural street, I came into an S curve going about 10 mph, but when I hit that gravel, I panicked and touched the brake with the wheel turned. I knew better, but the response was almost automatic. It slid out from under me, busted up the rear turn signal and scraped up the right lower fairing pretty good. But other than that, no damage to the mechanicals. Two mistakes to not make again!

    Time to get back on that horse!

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