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Thread: Leaking petcock

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    Leaking petcock

    Is this a rebuildable part? If so, any pointers would be helpful.
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    The problem is that the inset is a cork cylinder. Blue Moon use to sell them but I think that whoever was making the cork stopped. Try contacting Blue Moon.

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    I think they can be rebuilt. I have seen info to that end.

    If anyone on the planet would know, it would be Craig Vechorik.

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    Vech has an article on his website about the Everbest petcock...I believe that is the type of petcock in the picture...
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    Is that for a single?

    The "Neverbest" petcock was never intended to be rebuilt, but persistant people have managed it. The one on my R60/2 was rebuilt by a guy in Canada, and so long as I flip it to open and reserve every couple weeks or so, so that it doesn't dry out, it's fine.

    The one that came on my R51/3 was great. Never leaked, no matter how much I ignored it. Then I was in an accident on the bike and it took a year and a half to put it back together. So, I removed the petcock and put it in a jar of gasoline. At the end of the resto, I pulled it out and mounted it on the tank. I put some gas in the tank and it started coming out of the petcock almost as fast as I was putting it in. I almost cried.

    Now I've got some repop version of an earlier petcock on the bike, and I've managed to disassemble the Neverbest. I have to go hunt up some cork or gasket material that's the right thickness and try to put it together again, but I have my doubts.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll probably pull it apart later today. It is intended for my R27 which has a perfectly good later type petcock on it presently. I ordered a carb kit and top end gaskets for the R27 last friday, and will wheel it up to the work station as soon as the space is free. Right now I am pulling my hair out with a slow rolling electric start on one of my 750 airheads, and a front tire that refuses to seat on the other 750. That leaves me with only a battered Honda XL250 in serviceable condition.

    this is un-accceptable...

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