I had purchased a new to me K1100RS bike last July. Always thot it cool when seeing here and other web sites the amount of motorcycles people have. However I couldn't just let the LT sit in my small garage and wait for a ride now and then.
I had thought of selling the bike but I don't ever get the price I sugest. I called a nephew and asked if he would be interested in the LT. Knowing the cost of living is getting difficult each year and the price of these bikes aren't going down either.
He said he wanted it and how much.

told him its FREE, just come and get it! We kept thinking of some month when he would fly from Dallas, Texas to Minneapolis. Anyways 2 weeks ago I get an email stating his brother would be coming down for some vacation time. I first waited with anticipitation for the end of the day to arrive.
After 30+years of marriage its very critical to start the theme or idea with the wife first! Then I called Brandon in Des Moines asking for a ride from Texas back. Agreed. Then I called my supervisor and asked for the time off and he was all for it!

So with long expectaions I watched the weather this past week. Had thought of leaving today from Minneapolis but the weather was coming in. Opted to head out on the 91 K bike , Sunday the 16.
I had changed the oil on the bike to summer grade. Big mistake... didn't want to start do to the oil weight. Finally put the jumper cables from the car to the bike. Headlight burned bright while I hit the starter and the engine surprised me when fired.

20 degrees. Home made electric vest kept me warm most of the trip. heated grips also helped. This K bike I have had for 5 years or 84,000 miles. I hadn't used it since coming back from the west coast last July. It seemed to revive itself as the miles climbed. East winds howling and buffetting the bike. No rain, just sprinkles around Kansas City, Mo. Finally stopped south of Norman, Oklahoma last night and did the last 200 miles today.

Gave the title to Justin and discussed the bike and all the things that needed to be repaired or checked, also the idea of joining the moa and benifits.
So now I wait a few days and get shuttled home via cages... however its sure a nice break in the last Week of winter to ride 1054 miles or so!

Tim Lindstrom
k1100RS is enough
in waxahachie, texas til march 20th...