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Thread: Metzler vs. Michelin

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    I got 14,000 miles off my first set of Metzler. They were stock on the bike and I think they were the Z4s. I replaced them with another set of Z4's.
    The techs at the shop gave me a lot of grief because the tires were so square they stood up by themselves.

    I replaced the next set at 11,000 because I still had tread but I was going to Midwest Track day and didn't want to get in trouble at the tech inspection. I had the tech at the shop look at them and he said they probally would pass for a novice rider but I decided I didn't want to take a chance and have to buy a set at the track.

    We installed the new Z6's and I am impressed. I did not drop my tire pressure to 30/30 for the track but ran them at full pressure. I got to try them in the rain because our first two sessions were on a wet track and they stick, I was able to keep up with our instructor and had to grab brakes several times to keep from overrunning him in a couple of the curves. These tires do perform as advertised.

    The other thing I really noticed about the Z6 tire is that when riding on concrete road surfaces the tires do not transmit the buzz/vibration that the Z4 tire did. The source of the vibration is the rain grooves/rough texture that is formed in the road surface to aid traction. I also noticed minimal tracking when we rode over the metal portion of a drawbridge. I remember some of these bridges in the past really messed with control of the bike.

    If I can get the mileage out of the Z6 that I am getting out of the Z4 I will be real happy. The Z4's with 11,000 still have tread and are hanging in the garage in case someone needs a tire on short notice.

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    I've tried three sets of Metlers Z4's that were original equip. I have since tried the Bridgestone EM-1 & EM-2.
    Metzler's ride when new can't be beaten but I was able to get better than 2000 more miles out of a set of Bridgestone's.
    The Bridgestone's were least expensive of the two brands but
    I guess I just like new tires the best of all !!!!

    Chas B
    '95 R1100R

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    Avons on the RT

    Picked up a nail in the rear on my 1150Rt so needed new tires fast. The dealer only had Dunlops and Avons and decided to try the Avons. They seem fine when its dry but not too thrilled with them when its wet, any Avon users or comments on Avons? I don't ride like a rookie but also don't ride like Niki Hayden.

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    Seeing that there are a majority of Metzeler users out there, I'd like to ask if any of you have switched FROM Michelins, or ever ridden with Michelins, and why you switched if you did?

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    I had Michelin 100s on the VFR and switched to Dunlop. It took the 100s a while to warm up. They felt pretty spooky while they were cold.

    On the other hand, I have Michelin Anakees on the GS and love them.

    If you haven't looked at Dunlop, you might want to, especially the sporty bike guys. I've got a set of D208s on the VFR and they're absolutely fantastic. I've got D220s on the RS, but I think they're going to get replaced by MeZ6s very soon. I had those on the S and they're were fantastic.
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Re: Tires

    Originally posted by rapz
    I just put a set of Metz Z6 on my 04 RT and took a ride to Big Bend (1330 miles) and I like the tires. I don't know if it's just in my head, but the Z6's seem to feel better than the stock Bridgestones. I feel like I can change my line on curves w/o feeling awkard.

    Ditto that! I just replaced the stock Brigstones on my 04 RT at 8,000 miles a few days before Track Day with the Z6 and I felt it helped my turns right from the get go. I took the bike out for a 150 mile ride in the country the day before track day to get them scrubbed in and they worked great. This past weekend I rode 950 miles to Talihina and Mena, AR and loved the ride on them. Let's hope they last.

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    Originally posted by dlearl
    Seeing that there are a majority of Metzeler users out there, I'd like to ask if any of you have switched FROM Michelins, or ever ridden with Michelins, and why you switched if you did?
    I just installed Pilot Roads on the RT, trying to get a Saddlesore 1000 in before the National. I have gone through 2 sets of the z4 even mileage at 9600 miles, squared the rear, the front was good, though the first front cupped, later found a fork seal leaking..?.
    As for the Pilots, 75 miles so far and running at 36/40 (front /rear). I go with that for 200 miles and reduce the pressure to 34/38 and see how it handles.

    Why the switch? no z4s and the z6 backordered.

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    Michelin's aren't mentioned, but this review on Metzeler's Z6 tested in the wet is post-worthy. A wet, winding challenge... >

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    Only Metzelers, bet my life

    I've run only Metzelers on three bikes now, the Virago, the K75RT and the R1200C. I had a flat on the cruiser while doing 85mph and didn't even notice it for about three miles - good thing I never leaned into a corner, I guess, We were on the interstate and I finally pulled over to check if the rain grooves were causing the barely perceptable shimmy.

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    Bmbl bee
    Z6's are great on my S

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    Bmbl bee
    Originally posted by dlearl
    Seeing that there are a majority of Metzeler users out there, I'd like to ask if any of you have switched FROM Michelins, or ever ridden with Michelins, and why you switched if you did?
    I have run pilot sports on a couple of previous bikes including my S and the Michelin's dont stick well if they are cold or wet and they wear out to quickly. I tried Z6's and found nearly the same or better traction even when cold and or wet plus much longer life.And the bike just feels lighter on it's feet and more willing to change direction.

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    Z6 Tires

    I have around 2K on mine and they are wearing very well.

    As far as stickuiness goes, we found out today, while the bike was on the lift that you can scrape the plastic on the right side if you lean it far enough.

    I thought that was just my boot and the peg. On the left side you will contact the centerstand.

    I guess the track day paid off by improving my riding ability.

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    I guess I'm a Metzeler guy.
    I had 'em on my RT, then put ME 880s on my K1200LT (after the stock tires were gone at 6K) and now use Tourances on my GS. I think Metzelers go with BMWs like peanuts go with beer.

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