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Thread: Metzler vs. Michelin

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    Metzler vs. Michelin

    What tires are you using and what kind of mileage are you getting.

    I got 14,000 out of my original Metzler MZ4 but I may have been pushing the envelope. I'm going to replace mine before track day on May 9 because they won't pass inspection. I was planning on ordering a set of Metzler ST6? but another RT rider I know just bought Michelin Pilots because they are supposed to get better mileage.

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    I'm using both Dunlop and Metzeler right now, though my new bike will come with Anakees, which I believe are Michelins.

    I'm more interested in grip than mileage, given where I live, ride and what type of riding I do.
    Dave Swider
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    other = dunlop for me.

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    Bridgestones on the GS. We'll see how they do - only 430 miles on them so far...
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    Metzlers, I have gotten 9,600 out of two sets, so far. Thinking the next, which will be for the Rally will be the new 6's.

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    I swear by the Mac 50's on my ride. I had Metzeler ME88's (I think) that wore really really weird, and were toast with only 4500 miles on them. They also blew goats in the rain.

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    I just went with Metzeler Tourance tires over the Michelin Anakee this week. The bottom line is I want to try both. The next set will be Michelin Anakee tires.

    I am sure they are both super tires. Someone on another forum said that discussing motorcycle tires & motorcycle oil is like discussing religion & politics.

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    Thumbs up Tires

    I just put a set of Metz Z6 on my 04 RT and took a ride to Big Bend (1330 miles) and I like the tires. I don't know if it's just in my head, but the Z6's seem to feel better than the stock Bridgestones. I feel like I can change my line on curves w/o feeling awkard.
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    I just put a set on my RT as well. I gotta agree, they feel better. They provide a more stable ride for me. My old tires were the Macadams and felt like Flintstone tires compared to these.

    What pressure are you using?


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    Question Metz Tire Pressure

    I'm using what's posted on the front steering column which is 36 PSI front and 42 PSI rear. Is there a better pressure which I should consider?
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    I was told 38/40 by the mech. He also said a 2 lb variance is okay, I guess we just need to monkey around with the pressure and get the right feel. I've got 195 miles at this pressure with 2 up and the bike rode great. I guess it is just how the bike feels to you.

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    I have zero experience with Michelin, but couldn't pass by without posting praise for MZ6's. This is compared to stock Dunlops on the 1150R.

    I recently returned from a +/- 1400 mile excursion at western NC with opportunities to experience the 6's under common riding conditions, speeds, loads, etc. I almost conciously tried to beat the piss out of them.

    Afterthoughts: A stout, strong tire with all the stickiness in the wet as advertised. I'm no physics major, but the rigidity of the rubber seemed to remain constant regardless of what the road conditions or temperatures were.

    I'm a Capricorn. That sort of thing appeals to me.

    On mileage life: Don't know. Don't care. Performance rules.

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    I just changed my mezlers Z4s to Z6s. The Z4s had +8000 on them, and were the original tires on the '04 RT. I only have 500 miles on the Z6s, but like a few others on this post, I'm finding their responsiveness to be better than anything I've ever had.
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    Originally posted by Rhino6207
    My old tires were the Macadams and felt like Flintstone tires compared to these.
    Old tires are always hard and new tires always feel better.

    The deeper tread of the new tire, gives a little "squirm" for one thing.

    Best not to trust your memory--mine for sure--and rather compare both when both are new by riding two identical bikes, one after the other, i.e. same conditions.
    Kent Christensen
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    Well, since my last post I have put a total of 1430 miles on the Z6's. A lot of those were wet miles to and from the GA Mountain Rally. If my memory serves me right, usually don't trust mine either, they still are the best set of tires I have used.

    I'm still curious about what tire pressures you folks are using with the Z6's. I know load and max pressure and... but what seems to be working for everyone? I am at 38/40. Seems to be right so far.

    D. J.

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