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Thread: i'm batman

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    Originally posted by username
    either im a tough guy able to keep my woman in line, or she doesnt give a sh!t about her car. i'll let you guess which is the case.
    I'll go with the latter, I haven't met anybody THAT tough!

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    Where did you get the lazy susan bearing? I've seen these contraptions in catalogs for $200 or so, and I've wanted one forever (almost). Nice job.


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    home depot. it's rated to 1,000 lbs. it makes me wonder what *else* people are using these things for...

    also, if you look in my crappy photos, you can see in the side view one where the bike is way forward on the edge of the plate, not properly centered at all. the thing still works great. i feel like a dork but when i pulled in yesterday, i spun it all the way around three times, giggling, just because i could.

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