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Thread: First ride, But be careful

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    First ride, But be careful

    Finally! It was 47 degrees after a long, cold, snowy winter here in Michigan and my dirt road just got graded, making it possible to carefully sneak between ice and mud on either side. The boss needed spaghetti noodles so I volunteered to make the run for my spring shakedown . In states like Michigan where you can't ride year round, cagers forget what motorcycles are for the first month or two of each riding season and I'm well aware of this. I was prepared for people not seeing me turning in front of me ect...I was hoping it wasn't going to happen of course.

    First four-way stop sign I come to...I've got my hi- beam on and my left turn signal, I let everyone go, including the car facing me. I slowly begin to move, but my spider sense tells me to back off...sure enough, the car behind the first car facing me at the four-way starts going through the intersection. I had stopped in plenty of time and through my right hand up in a gesture of dis-belief and the driver only then realized I was there and swerved (more out of shock than the necessity to avoid me) and put up hands with the traditional "where'd you come from look?"

    The ride was uneventful after that which is the way I prefer it. It felt great to be back on the road and I'm lookin forward to year of riding which includes at least one rally and the moto GP at the Brickyard. So, all you guys and gals from the cold states, remember that it takes a month or so for the cagers to realize we wheren't a fad last year and be careful.

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    Us Rounders almost get a spidey sense for these things. It is funny how cages actually have a sort of body language where you just know what they are going to do before they do it. What scares me are the pot holes this year. They are unusually plentiful and robust this year. Not to mention the huge amounts of sand out there.
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    I actually scouted my ride while on my way home from work just to see where the bad potholes where. I wont even attempt to ride to work for at least another month because the holes around and in the city where I work are freakin huge and plentiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickDonovan View Post
    I actually scouted my ride while on my way home from work just to see where the bad potholes where.
    I scout my way out of the condo complex often. We are on a large hill and the runoff from the snow melt freezes on the road over night leaving some early morning black ice. I know if the access road is clear I'm good to go for my commute.

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    Rode to work this morning

    I rode to work this morning for the 1st time this year. Interesting to say the least. Patches of ice & slush to dodge plus the potholes and the sleeping cage drivers. There was still ice on the motorcycles only parking spots. Made stopping a bit dicey. Should be nicer on the way home though, temps in the 40's.

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    early squids

    we're still weeks away from safe riding due to the fact that although we do not have great pothole problems, in the first week of so of decent weather, there is a dangerous amount of sand on the corners and on approaches. Unually only the most inexperienced squids with the hottest new machines (a very bad combination any time of the year) are riding.

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    It was a GREAT week!!! Had the LT out twice this week. After charging the battery, checking air pressure on the tires and new fuel in the tank I road up the highway 15miles and home again, that was on Tues. On Thurs. I road all over town, it was SOOO great to be out again.

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    I rode to work yesterday, and managed to miss all (most) of the potholes. No issue with cars, though I don't deal with a lot of traffic anyway.

    Now I have to go WASH the bike. What I didn't avoid was all the water from the melting snow. And after washing, think I'll head down Hines Dr. to find more water!

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    Rode to work last week for the first time. I guess really enjoy snow filled ditches and
    meeting a snowmobiler coming from the other direction and waving. In North Dakota if you waited for sunny and 75 you would only get 5 riding days a year in . Dress warm and enjoy a unique time.

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    [QUOTE=Mongo;305303] It is funny how cages actually have a sort of body language where you just know what they are going to do before they do it.

    ...and it's not always EZ to be tuned in to that sixth sense. Be present, trust your instincts, and save the meditation for the wide open spaces might be good advice.

    but C'mon, SPRING!!!!
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    Took the liner out of my Fieldshear pants, no heated gear, and rode for about an hour and a half. Felt good to be not so bundled up. The only negative is that the bugs are out again! I must have killed a couple thousand flying creatures this afternoon. Glad I don't have any chrome to worry about. Another good reminder of why I always wear a full face helmet!

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    On Thursday, I was hoping the weather man was going to be wrong. I could see a way out of my driveway and was HOPING to be able to get out. 4 inches of snow overnight last night and I'm HOPING for next weekend instead.
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    Wednesday 12 March

    Fifty degrees today! Took RT out for 35 mile ride. Felt good. More to come. Not too proud of my Rounder status as Fifty degrees is almost like summer. I like riding in the cold, I just don't like dressing for it.
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