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Thread: SLO Ride - The Video

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    Nice work! Well, not really work to go for a ride...
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    Very Nice. Thanks.

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    Great video! Try to pan a little slower, your making me sea sick!

    Actualy, as far as cycle video goes, that was some of the best I've seen.

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    Hey SB, excellent vid, excellent accompaniment. I've done the cam in hand before . Good job!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnszilla View Post
    It's not that hard to shoot. The camera is small. I am building a mount for it.
    From the looks of it, both bikes in that video had BMW hand guards. I'm assuming one of those GSes is yours.

    What I did to make a mount was put a second RAM Ball on the "other" BMW hand guard as well. Thats after I noticed how well the first one worked to mount my GPS.

    Last summer I used it to mount my camera and it worked out really well. Not only was it used to mount my camera during videoing, it was also used to store my camera for those times I wanted to stop and take a quick-pic without having to dig a camera out of a pocket. I used Quick-Release parts that I ordered from Manfrotto, a tripod that I also have.

    All I did was modify another RAM-B-236 ball with a 1/4"-20 threaded stud, a threaded large washer (I made that on my lathe, but you can buy that part from Manfrotto). RAM also has a solution for what I made.

    So attached to the RAM ball on my BMW hand guard below, I have a RAP-B-201 3" arm and the above-mentioned modified RAM-B-236 ball (with or without Manfrotto Quick-Release). If I need to extend and position the set-up at some weird angle, I have a RAM-B-230 double ended ball to attach a second RAP-B-201 3" arm. I have to get around to posting pics of that set-up in the near future.

    BTW, an enjoyable video. I wish more people would post them of areas driven so that those that haven't been can get an idea of what an area is like. This coming from someone that hasn't posted one yet...sorry.

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