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Thread: Warm weather commuter suit?

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    Warm weather commuter suit?

    Starting next week my daily commute (total) will go from 12 miles to 80 miles. With fuel prices as they are I thought it would be a good excuse to start commuting on the GS. The dress in the office is "business casual" jeans, athletic shoes, etc. Except for the rare occasion, the weather here in South Florida is 75+ and in the summer 90+. Is anyone aware of a good rain proof 1 piece suit that is "all season" that can be worn over work clothes? I'm looking for something that is easy on easy off .......I'm sure an Aerostich suit would be too hot most of the time. Any suggestions?

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    great gear. great prices.
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    Olympia mesh gear has great ventilation and CE approved armor.

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    Kevlar Mesh suits, work great in hot humid weather or down into the 30s with the liners. Custom made to your body, complete with armour.
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    Dealing with the trade-offs

    Last month I was just shopping for a pair of pants. I wanted armor and ventilation but of course I had to think about rain protection too. The gentleman who helped me talked about some of the trade-offs involved. Most over-pants are bulky, can be too hot, etc. He suggested a regular mesh riding pant. Not an over-pant but a fairly form fitting mesh riding pant (Firstgear). He said, that it's most likely that you'll put something over your pant rather than take the pant off and put something under and then put the pant back on. Sounded reasonable and at less than $135 with my local BMW club discount not a deal that I regret. However, I still haven't worn those pants. Here in Colorado it's been in the high fortys to mid-fiftys for riding. I just haven't had the courage to wear a mesh pant, even with long ungies and a rain pant over it. Especially since my rain pant is "breathable", this might be a darn good combination when the thermometer hits 85 or so, but sounds not so good at 45. So... back to the drawing board. I think I'll look for a slightly insulated, windproof, waterproof overpant, it might not even have to be motorcycle specific, perhaps something from REI? However, for my trip to Alaska this summer, does that mean that I'll have to take three pairs of pants, the mesh, one breathable over-pant and one warmer overpant? What do you think? BMorleyW

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    I commute on my bike to work and have several times a day the "on/off" routine. I have had several different outfits, one piece, two piece, short jackets, 3/4 jackets, some mesh, leather, Aerostich, Hein Gericke, First Gear, Olympia, checked into BMW gear, Rukka and Rev Tech... you get the point.
    I have found that nothing beats my 2 piece Roadcrafter. In the hot summer I still wear the pants open to vent and a Cortech mesh jacket, but as soon as they have rain in the forecast, I put the jacket back on. The big difference is, in the winter I wear is as a one piece, in the spring, summer and fall as a two piece (pants with suspenders)
    It is a matter of trade off's. I have tried to get away from the Roadcrafter, but it fits my style better. Since you are a little further south than I am, I can tell you that the Darien outfits fit a lot looser, but give you some of the same waterproofness and abrasion resistence. Especially fit you get the "light". Darien's don't have the liner that the Roadcrafter have... My food for thought anyway... Good luck in the decision making process.
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    Thanks to all...

    I checked out all your suggestions......thanks. Ended up just buying First Gear over pants that match my FG Kilimanjaro Air jacket. Seemed to give me the most options in response to various weather conditions. I loved the Rev'it Infinty suit....but at $1000.00 it's going to have to wait.

    Thanks again,

    Jim N.

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