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Thread: Tell Us of 2008 Trip Plans

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    53 sMiles south of Alpine, TX USA

    Our only firm dates are the Blitz in April, Hyderseek in May and Alaska in June. Then Camp GEARS in Wyoming in July and lots of wandering in between.

    Hoping to see many of you on the road.

    Life is good when you're retired ; )

    Off to find more Texas Bluebonnets today . . .

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    October through to March, then a bit longer after a flight to England and back.

    Falkland Islands and all countries between there and Seattle. Lots of tea stops.

    Earlier in the year, some other places, yet to be fixed on the calendar or the map.

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    This year I plan to attend the RA Rally, do the Minute Man 1K, and to the rally in Vermont. Also several shorter riders with the local BMW club. And last but not least, all of the day's that I get to ride to work.
    The thing about traveling is, you never want it to end and you can't wait to get home.
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    I'm going with Statdawg

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    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Return to Trenton Rally with the R80RT then switch bikes and off to Cape Breton with the R1200RT for a couple of weeks.
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    Marlton, South Jersey

    Cape Breton and PEI

    Mid July trip thru New England backroads, up the coast of Maine to Bar Harbor on the way to PEI. Then on to Cape Breton and riding several of the scenic trails: Sunrise, Celidh, Fleur de Lis, and of course the Cabot Trail.

    Back thru Maine, the Kancamagus in New Hampshire and part of Rt 100 south thru Vermont. Cross into New York, down thru Lake George to Unadilla. Finish up with the Second Annual Chromeheads Ramblin' Pig-Out in Conklin, NY before heading home. Should be a little over 3200 miles over 10 days.

    Woo Hoo !!!

    Possible later Rallies: C3 in August, Finger Lakes for Labor Day and GMR in Sept.
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    This years riding plans

    This year may be my best year yet!

    I will start with almost every weekend here on the east coast. My wife is leaving for a new job in California in two weeks. Talk about free time!

    Then I have 2 weeks vacation to use.

    Then by the fall I plan on following her out to Bikersfield, CA area. This way I can ride pretty much year round! The only time I have to fear is the 110 degree days of summer. But, I can always go for the mountains. 2 hours away! Or the shore 2 hours away!

    See you on the road starting in two weeks. I will be the guy with the RT12 plate from MA and I will be wearing a big smile on my face!
    Bill P

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    Family fun

    My wife and I our taking our 2 kids to Alaska, then down through Banff NP , Glacier NP and Yellowstone. Stop in Gillette then off to the Black Hills. You only get one chance to be a good parent make it count.

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    The only trip of decent length will be 10 day round trip from Richmond, VA to RA Rally in da UP, Michigan.

    Other than that, just a few long weekends to West Va and the Smokies, and many day trips close to home on other weekends.

    (I have a feeling I'm going to miss all of the leave I had at the DoD contractor job I got laid off from last year. This real job with 2 weeks vacation really cuts into the riding time.)

    Roy F

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    All plans are subject to change, but...

    Airheads at the Aerodrome rally in June - be gentle, I'm a rally virgin.
    Multiday trip to Indy for the MotoGP in Sept.
    Fall camping trip in October, maybe up towards the Finger Lakes this year?

    Lots of day trips and maybe a weekend here or there.
    Wow, now I'm getting excited thinking about it.
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    More Frank Lloyd Wright and Baseball

    This will be year 4 of this particular Odyssey. From the PNW across to OK City and Dallas then up through KC city and St. Louis to DC. Down the BRP to Birmingham, then out to the coast and South to Key West. Back West along the Gulf Coast, then following the Mexican border and at some point head North to Vegas for Barrett-Jacksons inaugural fall event. If its the GS not the RT then I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't high tail to the Copper Canyon and Baja. Should fill out September and October nicely.
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    planning (a LOT of planning) on a trip to Belize for an extended period...lived in Mex back in the 70's, and will check on some friends there too...revitalizing a 1988 100GS for the trip- bought last year with about 1200 miles on it (long story from the first owner), and have a few issues to solve...I like being behind something, since I ride with a brain bucket. Trying to solve how to get there rather than by road-5 days to and 5 days from. Currently checking into boat shipping (plane cost toooo much), but comin up empty so far. As I said, lots of plans that hopefully will come together by dec 08. Hopefully I can do some outfitting at the WY rally.
    See ya'll there!

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    Berkeley, CA

    Talking Southern Comfort?

    In early May, I'm shipping myself and my R1200GS to NC. Will ride back to Berkeley, CA from there, via the Natchez Trace, other garden spots of the South, and then back through Arkansas, etc. Planning on a month to do this. My idea of roughing it is a motel which lacks a color TV.
    Looking for ideas on good roads in the areas I'll be travelling.

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    Reading through all these plans... something is bothering me. I had an epic journey last year, but I can't seem to make the stars align for another one, this year. By this time last year, my destination was already pretty much set. Hmm. I need to win the lottery and quit my job.

    So far, I'm planning on the Sturgis, MI "Mini Rally" as my first (first weekend in May), the RA rally, and probably some trips into PA, I imagine. Who knows, maybe I'll come up with something good, yet.

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    Hey there RedRider / Statdawg

    Nice seeing you here Red. I never got to thank you for providing guidance/tips/bridge selection/restaurant etc., when riding through Montreal on my way to 2006 National at VT.

    On my way back through Montreal, my GPS malfunctioned, man, reading those french signs and talking to some people at late hours of the night was quite interesting.

    I quickly learned Nord, Sud, Ouest, and that helped me through general direction or selecting my turns


    Statdawg, thanks for pointers on the PA/NY routes. I never came that way back, but next time if I'm heading that way, I know who to IM.

    [Sorry, after posting, I realised I was hijacking the thread. ]

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