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Thread: Loss of Hard Bag

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    I'm one of the Duh Brothers!!

    I lost one of my System Cases last year. I had removed the cases to wash the bike (that'll teach me...) and when I put the cases back on, I must not have correctly lined up the lower mounting tab / ears. I left the house, headed up Highway 9 and when I arrived in San Jose, my left case was missing!! Dang. I went back over Highway 9 to try to find it but no luck.
    I posted a "missing bag" report and someone said that they'd seen one at the Hwy 9 / Skyline intersection parking lot. When I got back up there the next day, nothing to be found.

    I rode without for a year and then bought a pair (with City lids, not the touring lids I had before) off of the Flea Market portion of this site.

    The up-side was that for a while I rode with just a right-side case and the left side mounting rail has a nice place to thread your helmet strap through when you leave the bike. Not totally secure but better than just hanging it off of the foot peg.

    Now I ride with a Touring Case on the right (my lunch box fits perfectly inside) and with a City Case on the left. It's not symetrical but it's a working compromise for me. Heck, I don't ride a Harley so I'm not all that concerned with looks or what others think anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MechanicSavant View Post
    While I was traveling through a distant galaxie on my 1150r ,I went to latch the bag felt a sickening twang, dang!!! the tongue that latches the bag "failed to live up to its design potential" ..It broke off !!! w/ no way to latch the bag I remembered a thread from this forum about "saftey pining " the bags!!!! ya take a 1/4" drill & go through the lower bag ear & mount while its mounted on the bike then ya poot a 1/4" pin or bolt through & viola the bag is again secured Fortunately a mo-home type had a cordless drill in his rig n borrowed it to me ...I continued my inter-stellar voyage secure knowing that latch woud offend me no more !!!
    ps if ya drill a 1/4" hole in the ribbing on the upper bag hook mount thingy it's a good place to store yer saftey pins when in the hanger
    I lost a bag once. never recovered it. I got a replacment via the MOA flea market and then found the tip above.
    I did the same except I bought a couple 1/4" hitch pins from Tractor supply. They kind of look like giant diaper pins.

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