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Thread: South America Anyone?

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    South America Anyone?

    An Englishman (who lives in Seattle) and I are planning a trip from Washington State to Ushuaia, Argentina (End of the World) and looking for 2 or 3 others to join in. We plan to leave Seattle in October and ride to Panama, transport to Cali, Columbia (maybe) and then ride south to Tierra del Fuego before turning around and heading north again. The trip will take 3 or 4 months. We could join up with others between here and Mexico. We might be inclined to split up somewhere along the road - or not. Want to join us? Contact me to talk about it.


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    I should be in Puerto Natales, Chile (Patagonia) during the last half of December. Ping me off-list. There is a chance I could bring you something you need.

    Note: I refuse to bring a final drive. It's a known BMW failure item. Carry your own spare with you, or maybe two.

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    Welcome to the Forum there is an UK Ex-Pat that lives near you and is leaving the same time. Is it Lamble ? Also there is a UKer heading down from Alaska that plans to enter Mexico in late September. He is arriving in Montreal in June and doing all of Canada first. I will get your info exchanged if you wish to link up. I will PM you later because I have contacts all the way down if you need assistance.

    PAGING LAMBLE, tea for two maybe a few ?

    Don't worry about breakdowns there is a nice system established among the various groups and contacts. You will be very surprised what can be pulled off down there. Final Drive failures, electrical problems, broken shocks, and broken pannier racks all have be dealt with from the Brazilian Alps to the Amazon basin and very remote Patagonia. Those that have been there before us are willing to help. Even the locals go above and beyond for motorcyclist. Some are even starting to visit our country because of relationships that were developed on the road. You are going to have a great time and there are BMW Club people along the way.

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