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Thread: max psi???

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    Question max psi???

    Enjoyed reading the thread on tire break in... thanks!

    Another question:
    A friend recently told me that he always runs his tires at the max psi listed on the tire, no matter what tire on what bike. Any thoughts???


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    Re: max psi???

    I have a friend who says the same thing, but I'd stay away from that. Assuming you have the same size tires that came on the bike, start with the owner's manual recommendations for various load conditions.

    A good rule of thumb is the pressure should increase ~ 2 - 3 psi (give or take) from cold to hot; i.e., measure it stone cold, then go for a good 10 - 20-mile ride, then stop and measure it again (assuming constant weather conditions and loading). If your pressures are too high the tires won't warm up and the increase will be less than the above range. If too low, excessive sidewall flex will create internal friction and the increase will be greater than above.

    Too much is definitely better than too little, but too much will cause harsh ride, premature wear in the center of the tread, and the lack of flex or 'give' could damage the carcass of the tire if you hit a sharpe object, like the edge of a pothole, etc. Of course, it could also save your expensive mag wheel if you REALLY WHANG it on a pothole -- your choice!

    Hope this helps... John H

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