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Thread: Greensboro to Blue Ridge Parkway Trip

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    Greensboro to Blue Ridge Parkway Trip

    I am planning to take a trip to Greensboro to visit my family during Easter break. I am hauling my bike to Greensboro and plan to ride to Blue ridge Parkway over the weekend. Can anyone suggest a good route from Greensboro to the Blue Ridge Parkway? Good place to stay overnight? This needs to be a weekend trip.
    This is my first trip to Blue Ridge Parkway. Any tips?

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    You could head north out of Greensboro on US 220 and pick up US 58 in Martinsville, VA. Then head west to the Parkway, which you will pick up right after Meadows of Dan. Head south on the Parkway. At that point it is your call,as to how long of a ride you want. There are several opportunities to get off the Parkway and double back to Greensboro. A North Carolina state highway map shows the Parkway quite well and you can probably pick one of these up for free at a North Carolina welcome center on the interstate.

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