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Thread: Thumbs up to Motorrad Elektrik

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    Thumbs up to Motorrad Elektrik

    I called Motorrad Elektrik today, intending to buy new Dyna coils and plug wires for my 84 RT - my experience with other bikes has been that coils have a shelf life, and with an older bike it's prudent to replace them.

    The guy I spoke to happily took my plug wire order, and said he thought replacing those was a good idea. He talked me out of buying coils - said the "lightning bolt" individual coils on my bike were as good as they get, and unlikely to need replacing.

    Talked himself out of a sale, he did, but I sure appreciated his candor. You can bet they'll be getting my future business as I have need of products they carry.

    I'd probably be the first person to b#### about bad service if I got it, so I thought it only right to praise this good service.

    - BrianK

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    Rick Jones is a heck of a nice guy and is very customer oriented. He will drop what he is doing to help any way he can. Gald you plugged him here.


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    Which reminds me ...

    Which reminds me ... I have an alternator core that I need to return to him. He sent to me a new alternator without waiting for me to send the core and did not charge me for the core ... I guess the honorable thing to do would be to get that in the mail.

    I concur that this guy is honest and knowledgeable and willing to help you find the best solution for your problem.
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    Oh, yes, another vote for Rick Jones!!! If everybody would do business like that, we would not have the problems in this country that we have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keelerb View Post
    Talked himself out of a sale, he did, but I sure appreciated his candor.
    He is a good guy.

    The OE coils date to an era when Bosch meant quality and he frankly couldn't sell you anything better.
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    What a double pleasure both to discover a good vendor and to find out that you don't have to spend quite as much with him, this time, as you thought you would!

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    I can't say enough good about Rick. He was SUPER-helpful to me a couple of years ago when I was having some really strange and logic-defying problems with my charging system. He has given excellent warranty-support, and spent hours on the phone with me as he not only wanted to help me with my problem, but expand his knowledge as well.
    And yes, he once talked me out buying a coil from him too- and he was right; the coil was not the problem.
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    I have nothing but good praise about Rick as well. He will get my future business. So far, I've purchased a coil, and voltage regulator, and solid diode board mounts from him.
    Jeff in W.C.
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