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Thread: Tire Swapping

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    Tire Swapping

    A couple of us are going to Gillette from CT/MA/NY. We were thinking of putting on some TKC80s and doing parts of the TAT back home. Any suggestions/thoughts on best way to do that. Will vendors swap out tires at the rally? Any idea if the cost is huge at the rally?

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    Tire prices are usually very good at a rally. Wait-times may be long, and availability of certain sizes, brands or models may be limited, or even non-existant. There are a number of dealers/suippliers in teh general vicinity that might also be availble to help (Beemers & More in Ft. Collins CO is only a few hours away, extrememly helpful, and very fair priced).
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    Hey Boyscout,

    I have no tire advice to add to Bikerfish1100's excellent suggestions, but I did want to say welcome to the forum. We're glad you're here.

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    i believe there will be a UPS store on site, why not buy your tires locally and ship them to the rally site?

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    Thanks for the welcome. I was thinking of buying and shipping the tires. Knowing there is a UPS on site may make things easier. Hope to see you there.

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