Arriva BMW Chinese: start production of 650 G Xcountry motorized Loncin

After having commissioned the production of Kymco powerful propeller for special Enduro 450 G X (which compete in the world enduro), now again uses an engine that comes from the Far East: the heart of the G 650 Xcountry is no longer produced dall'austriaca Rotax , but by the Chongqing Loncin in District Julongpo. It is equal to the original Rotax for performance, size and specifications.The engine respects, however, all the internal BMW in terms of quality and reliability and, according to the information provided by the BMW uses external components and uses suppliers international relief. According to the manager of the German House is a not targeted at reducing the cost of the product from the perspective of savings, but the expansion of the BMW brand in that area, when hampered by an exchange of little benefit and the Dollar about the Yen. The fact is that, even in Italy, the price of Xcountry fell by Euro 1000 and now is selling 7,480 compared with the previous 8,480 euros. The decline is due partly to internal competition with the F 650 GS, twin-cylinder that arrive in March and will cost 8,500 euros. The Xcountry, like the rest of the series G single, always will be assembled in Noale dall'Aprilia while Rotax continue to build the 2-cylinder 800 for the series F. Loncin sar? anche importatore della BMW in Cina. Loncin is also importer of BMW in China.